Boosting RE as part of China’s energy system revolution


The Chinese government has started an Energy Revolution what will transform the Chinese energy system from its current unsustainable development path into an energy system suited to China’s future aspirations. The vision is a sustainable energy system with high energy security and low environmental impact, supporting sustained economic growth.

The current heavy reliance on burning coal would be supplanted by a more diversified system, where non-fossil fuels, efficient use of energy and smart coupling between demand and supply are the backbone of the system.

As with every revolution, this Energy Revolution is not a simple transformation or evolution. Fundamental changes are necessary in order to achieve the goals, based on thorough research and investigation of the most efficient means to promote the changes and to ensure an effective implementation strategy.

China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC), together with the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Danish Energy Agency, has launched a five-year program to assist in implementation of the Energy Revolution.

The program “Boosting renewable energy as part of China’s energy system revolution”  promotes renewable energy as a vital part of the future Chinese energy system. The program is funded by the London based charity, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation as part of its climate mitigation activities. The Danish government also contribute to the funding of the program.

The program gives support to the Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA) regarding the decisions on the future targets for renewable energy and for coal reduction. It will address the critical obstacles for the future development of renewable energy and develop a comprehensive look at the whole energy system– from demand to production– in order to find the optimal ways to develop a sustainable energy system that can be a model for the world.

In cooperation with international front-runners in renewable energy deployment, CNREC will bring international experiences and success stories to a Chinese audience with the aim of finding the best solutions for a Chinese energy transformation.

The program is guided by a Policy Committee, anchored in the Chinese energy administration; a Steering Committee led by NEA; and an Advisory Committee with key national and international experts. CNREC is responsible for project management, and a project team with participants from CNREC, NREL and DEA implement the program activities with support from external experts.