Wang Zhongying: A new five-year program for boosting RE in China


China National Renewable Energy Centre has been entrusted the execution of a five-year program, “Boosting RE as part of China’s energy system revolution”, funded by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and the Danish government. The program, which has been acknowledged by NDRC, aims to boost the deployment of RE, encourage the dominant role of RE in the future China energy system, and ultimately promote the transformation of China’s energy system into a economic sustainable, environmental friendly and low-carbon system.

The program is guided by a Policy Committee with vice administrator Liu Qi, NEA as chairman, and with leaders from key ministries as members. Furthermore, both Chinese and international experts are involved in the program, including the US-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Danish Energy Agency who has strong expertise in the development of renewable energy in US and in Europe.

I am honoured and grateful for being able to take the leadership for this important program. China have a vision for a harmonious society – a Beautiful China, and the energy system have a pivotal role in the development of this vision. China needs an energy system, which can provide sufficient energy with low pollution at reasonable costs, and it is clear that renewable energy will have a dominant role in such an energy system. Todays energy system is not sustainable and with the words of President Xi Jinping China needs an “energy revolution”. Our program will help create the stepping stones, which can lead us in the right direction; it will make the visions for the energy system concrete and actionable; and it will give the energy policy decision makers the analytic background for implementation of the policy changes necessary for the energy revolution.

This website is part of the program. Here we will provide information about important activities and research, both from China and from the world around us. The target group for the website is researchers, policy makers and energy sector stakeholders, who want to get the most updated information about renewable energy policy research. It is my sincere hope that such information will contribute to a common understanding of the potential for renewable energy development in China and also stimulate to remove the current barriers for such a development.