Weekly Publication Highlight – 10.10.2015

By Ella Zhou, NREL


Odarno, Lily, Sarah Martin, and Catalina Angel. (2015). “10 Questions to Ask About Distributed Generation.” Washington, DC: World Resources Institute. http://www.wri.org/sites/default/files/ten-questions-distributed-energy_0.pdf.

The 10 Questions raised in this paper are designed to help electricity-sector stakeholders assess or review issues related to distributed generation in their country. These include:

  • How is DG being integrated into national power sector planning?
  • How are DG targets being established and monitored over time?
  • How flexible and responsive is DG planning to changing conditions in your country?
  • How are investments in DG being financed?
  • How are consumers being engaged in DG efforts

Additional resources are provided at the end of each question for more detail.