Energy and Climate Policies beyond 2020 in Europe

The EU has ambitious short, medium and long term goals and a political framework for combatting climate change. Deployment of renewable energy is one of the main pillars of the strategy.

The EU member states are generally on the pathway to fulfil the 2020 targets for renewable energy with important exceptions, like France and the Netherlands. Achieving the 2030 targets will require adjustments of the current policies with focus on an efficient Emission Trading System.

The legally binding country specific GHG, Renewable and Energy Efficiency targets and policies for the EU member states creates a stable framework for the development of renewable energy. The introduction of carbon market is a delicate process, where instruments for timely adjustments to compensate for economic cycles are required.

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Read the article about the CNREC workshop held in October 2015 on “RE Development Situation and Outlook—Focus on 2020, Prospect of 2030″ and download Mr. Niels Pedersen’s presentation: EU RE and Climate Policy