China Renewable Energy Outlook 2017-Executive Summary


China Renewable Energy Outlook 2017 (CREO 2017) is the second outlook in the “Boosting Renewable Energy in China” program within China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC). Against the backdrop of overarching Chinese development strategies and the international experiences from front-runner countries this year’s outlook focuses on China’s possibilities for low-carbon energy transition towards 2050, and the short-term actions needed to remove obstacles for RE development and quickly move in the right direction.

The results of our research are presented in the outlook report, which will be published in November 2017. In this booklet, we present the main findings and key results to give the reader a quick overview. For the more detailed assumptions, analyses and results we strongly recommend reading the full report.

Link for download:

CREO 2017-booklet-EN-20171222

CREO 2017-booklet-CN-20171222

Link of CREO 2017 full report for download (in English):

CREO 2017 EN 20171113-1