CREO launch agenda


China has started the transformation from a coal-based energy system with high environmental costs to a low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy system. The right strategies for policy measures are on the table, but the success of the energy transition depends on strong implementation of the supporting policies– the power market must be enforced in a way that stimulates flexibility and integration of renewable energy, the carbon pricing mechanisms must ensure sufficiently high carbon prices to make an impact on CO2 emissions and the support schemes for renewable energy must stimulate cost-efficient deployment of renewable energy projects. Also, more ambitious targets for renewable energy and for coal reduction are needed in the near-term for China to be  able to comply with the Paris Agreement requirements for a “well below 2 °C” future.

In the new 2017 version of China Renewable Energy Outlook, China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) and its national and international partners analyze different roadmaps for the Chinese energy transition, aiming at a low-carbon energy system in 2050.

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CREO Launch in GIZ Bonn_Agenda 171113

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CREO 2017-booklet-EN-20171222

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