China Energy Policy Newsletter 2018 June


Herein please find this month’s China Energy Policy Newsletter, from the China Energy Transition Working Group, led by GIZ and the China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) and supported by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

This month we include two short papers regarding renewable energy. The first is: Power Plant Flexibility – An Enabler for Further Growth of Wind and Solar Power in China. This report presents experience on how power plant flexibility has developed and been promoted by different means in China and Denmark. The report utilizes the Stated Policy scenario from the CREO 2017 to demonstrate the value and impact on the power system from more flexible power plants and makes recommendations on incentives for the thermal power plant sector to increase flexibility.

We are attaching an article by Shi Jingli and Zhao Yongqiang of CNREC, Expert Voice: Conflicts of Renewable Energy Consumption and Suggestions. The authors argue China should urgently implement in-depth reform of the power system to avoid increasing wind and solar curtailment, and provide suggestions for how China should increase renewable energy consumption.

Here is a brief summary of this month’s China Energy Policy Newsletter.

Recent Project Activities

  • China National Energy Administration (NEA) visited Denmark
  • Side event of Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Campaign during Clean Energy Ministerial week
  • The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) hosted a work shop for State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC)
  • Grid planning workshop discussing EU grid planning experiences

China Energy Transition Updates

  • NEA publishes 2017 renewable power development assessment report
  • NEA approves 4 GW renewable projects assembled with Inner Mongolia-Shandong UHV line
  • NEA reports the 2017 4Q status of ancillary service market
  • NEA issues 2021 provincial coal power traffic light alert

Expert interview

  • Mr Stig Uffe Pedersen, the Director General of the Danish Energy Agency

Policy Monitor

  • China announces sudden cuts in tariff for solar PV plants
  • NEA publishes 2017 renewable power development assessment report
  • NEA approves 4 GW renewable projects on Inner Mongolia-Shandong UHV line
  • Report on ancillary services market shows wind sector pays most
  • New NEA 2021 coal traffic light alert gives go-ahead to new coal plants

 About the newsletter:

Responding to the imperative of transitioning to a low-carbon and cost-effective energy system in China, CNREC has launched the Boosting Renewable Energy as Part of China’s Energy Revolution project, which is jointly fund by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), the government of Denmark, and German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Within the project, the China Energy System Transition Working Group, led by GIZ and CNREC with support of DEA, monitors and assesses China’s ongoing energy policy developments and energy transition statistics, including renewable energy, power market reform, environment, and carbon markets. As part of this monitoring, the working group publishes the China Energy Policy Newsletter monthly via email. If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter, please send the information below to

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