CREO 2019 at COP25 in Madrid

Vice Minister Zhao Yimin at the CREO 2019 presentation. Photo: ERI

China Renewable Energy Outlook was Friday 12 December presented in the Chinese Pavilion at COP25 in Madrid.

The event was opened by Vice Minister Zhao Yimin from the Ministry of Ecology and Enviroment and the Danish Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen.

Zhao Yimin emphasised that the research done by the ERI as shown in CREO 2019 helps strengthen the research and support to energy strategy and policy development,  promotes international energy and climate cooperation and helps implement the Paris agreement. He thanked the partners behind CREO for their effort. Also Dan Jørgensen underlined the importance of the outlook in relation to the global climate effort. CREO 2019 is more than good news to the world, he said.

After the opening, Acting Director General Wang Zhongying from ERI summarised the key findings of CREO 2019, while key members of the CREO 2019 team dived into the more detailed findings regarding the possibilities to develop a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system by 2050.

The CNREC team presents CREO 2918 at COP25. Photos: ERI

The CNREC team presents CREO 2918 at COP25. Photos: ERI

Finally, a panel with national and international experts and representatives from the Chinese and Danish government discussed CREO 2019 in the broader context of the Paris agreement and China’s energy system transition.

Panel discussion. Photo: ERI


Wang Zhongying


Zhao Yongqiang



Lars Bregnbæk

Liu Jian


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