China Energy Policy Newsletter – February 2020


Below is this month’s China Energy Policy Newsletter with the following content:

Project activities

Launch of the China Renewable Energy Outlook 2019 at COP25 in Madrid

China Energy Transition Updates

China will not make separate 14th Five-Year Plans for hydro, wind and solar power
Local governments will be responsible for offshore wind and CSP subsidies after 2020
The 2020 policy orientation for wind and PV sectors is clear
2019 national district heating target has been achieved
The first foreign invested offshore wind project now in operation

2019 China energy statistic data

Fossil fuel consumption continues to grow
Slowdown in the electricity consumption growth
Renewable energy took up more than half of incremental power capacity
Increased share of non-fossil fuels in the electricity production

Six major China power system reform policies issued in 2019

Reduce industrial and commercial tariffs by 10%:
Exempt partial costs in T&D tariff:
Open power market for business-featured consumers
Issue new coal power price policy:
Cancel ineligible incremental power distribution pilots
Launch eight new spot power market pilot

Policy monitoring

China stops approval of new iron and steel production projects
MoF updates the renewable surcharge regulation
NEA aims to facilitate energy storage standards
NDRC clarifies content of mid-to-long term electricity contracts


2019 China Energy and Power Data sheet

China Energy Policy Newsletter_February 2020


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