China Renewable Energy Outlook 2019


China Renewable Energy Outlook 2019 illustrates how China can transform its energy system to a clean, low-carbon, safe, energy efficient and cost efficient energy system by 2050. Two energy system scenarios provide clear and consistent visions for the long-term development as basis for short-term decisions. The Below 2 °C Scenario shows a pathway for China to achieve the ambitious vision for an ecological civilisation and the role China could take in the fulfilment of the Paris agreement. The Stated Policy Scenario expresses the impact of a firm implementation of announced polices. On top of these scenarios, several variants area analysed to illustrate specific issues which influence the implementation strategies.

The next five years will be crucial for the energy transition. The 14th five-year plan will set the direction and pace for the transition, and China’s commitment to the Paris Agreement in the coming years will be decisive for the possibilities to solve the global climate crisis. Therefore, this year’s China Renewable Energy Outlook, CREO 2019, has a clear focus on the short-term actions in the context of the long-term visions for the Chinese energy system. The rapid cost reduction for solar and wind power gives basis for stepping up the deployment rate of these technologies, but a number of barriers must be removed to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient integration into the whole system.

Wind and solar capacity installations (GW) in the next five year plans in the Below 2 °C Scenario

Wind and solar capacity installations (GW) in the next five year plans in the Below 2 °C Scenario


The outlook has been prepared by ERI and CNREC, in close cooperation with national and international partners. It builds on the previous year’s research and outlooks, but it is updated with the latest development and new analyses. The present summary report highlights the key findings and the key recommendations of the research. The detailed research is documented in the full CREO 2019 report, which will be available here in January 2020.

The research has been made possible by funding from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and from the Danish and German governments. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the sponsors and our partners for their support and hard work.


China Renewable Energy Outlook 2019 – full report

China Renewable Energy Outlook 2019 – Summary