Beautiful China

Key results from CREO 2019


China Renewable Energy Outlook 2019 (CREO 2019) analyses a feasible path for a smooth transition to a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system in China. The [...]

China Energy Outlooks


Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) published their 2019 New Energy Outlook (NEO) in June 2019 – CNREC published the latest annual China RE Outlook (CREO) November 2018. How do they [...]

China is putting a price on carbon


A price on carbon is crucial for China’s energy transition China is on the verge of announcing its national carbon emissions trading system. Creating disincentives for [...]

CREO launch agenda


China has started the transformation from a coal-based energy system with high environmental costs to a low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy system. The right [...]
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